Hong Kong clothing brand has not been as popular as before

Law Ting Pong founded the clothing brand Bossini set up in 1987 by the Hong Kong, China “Knitting king” in China first store in Hong Kong; 1993, Bossini International Holdings Limited was listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, Hong Kong became China China’s largest retail group. 1990s, many consumers will Bossini regarded as popular and famous, but now, Bossini stores in mainland China almost did not see a trace of first-tier cities.

Some industry analysts said, with the rapid development of the apparel industry, industry competition intensified. Hong Kong clothing brand positioning in addition to facing the same local clothing brand competition, it also faces a cross-border electricity supplier and fast fashion brand influx of China’s dramatic impact. Just Bossini, Baleno clothing brands Hong Kong is also facing the same problem.

Once, Andy endorsement by the Baleno brand Chinese mainland market once the minds of consumers. Public information, Baleno was founded in 1981 in Hong Kong in 1996, Hong Kong-listed company TEXWINCA Co Ltd acquired the brand and re-packaging, with clear brand positioning and successful marketing strategy, then quickly Baleno development, became a household name brand casual apparel. But as the market trend of the benchmark change, Baleno smash hit “fame” is watered down. Baleno’s parent company because of the brand’s “decline” and eager to get rid of the “burden”, announced earlier this year at a price of 2.5 billion sale of its subsidiary, Shanghai Baleno Garments Co.

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