We are gonna wear smart clothings in the future

Not long ago, a renowned clothing brand released a new smart jacket. Different from traditional jacket, the product is designed to close 17 stealth cargo pockets. It has a step counter, control music, remote control camera, missing features such as reminders, intelligent design to meet the multi-scene dress business travelers demand.

Thanks to improve micro-sensors, chips and other electronic devices, which can be embedded or attached to the fabric so intelligent gradually become a new trend in the apparel industry. Currently, intelligent clothing applications mainly in the scenes of life and intelligent motion monitor health information in two ways. Some analysts predict that, ring in hand compared to other smart watches, smart clothing more cohesive, wearable device development is expected to become the next outlet, leading the development of intelligent wearable art.

Listening to music, answer the phone, get navigation information. These phones need to accomplish things before, and now wear a dress can get. Not long ago, Google company and a clothing brand, introduced a smart jacket. The clothes fitted with multi-touch sensor in the sleeve, the user simply touching and sliding jacket cuffs can play music, together with other components, you can answer the phone, look at the map. The design of the rider, security, drivers and other people is undoubtedly good news, because they do not run the risk dig a mobile phone.

On the pocket sewn on the solar panels, the electronic device in your pocket will automatically charge; socks containing insulation particles can absorb or release heat according to the environment and human body temperature differences; the music embedded components, but also according to your dance clothes spectral different tune. Previously, hopes, etc. can be used in watches inspired wearable device on and start new exploration are clothes on the carrier now.

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