Catch people’s eyes by rose red jacket

Color stripe design down jacket short paragraph minimalist design, fresh and sweet colors, rainbow seemed to put on the body of it, the mood instantly become bright, and with a white turtleneck sweater and black skirt, beautiful fashion, pure and generous.

Fresh and elegant color pink jacket, piercing girlish pretty clever, stylish fur collar design, add a sense of luxury, bud hem, delicate and lovely, with a gray skirt lovely generous. The use of color, showed off the fashion personality out on his own.

Rose red jacket beautiful suction eye, piercing the soft breath a small woman, very popular with the girls welcome color, style thin, very fine hem, highlighting the feminine, with a black skirt and leggings, create casual sporty .

Dark blue down jacket short paragraph exquisite design, good effect was thin, stylish design large lapel, fresh Fan with Korean-style sports skirt and leggings, fashionable Korean street style. Same clothes, you can wear clothing with a different feeling out of fashion yet.

Pink scarf collar short down jacket, looking very warm look, worn absolutely beautiful. Feet with black jeans and high-heeled boots, funky fresh, feels especially comfortable.

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