What trousers can be matched with white down jacket?

Cold winter certainly wear down jacket, but the jacket styles, colors, variety, how to choose for their own body and temperament style it? Xiao Bian recommend the classic unbeaten white down jacket, can definitely wear a fresh and charming.

White long paragraph shrug jacket, skirt lovely sweet stitching design, make this jacket even more playful sense. Natural indentation design, thin and elegant. Take the red lace dress, wearing black tights and boots plush, beautiful.

Plush Hooded long white down jacket, generous and elegant style, exquisite tailoring nice, how to wear fashionable yet. Wearing black striped long sweater inside the ride under the knee boots, elegant and charming.

Johnson’s choice of clothes little girls course, the number is more suitable for a short section, so that a short section of white down jacket, did not add any color, with white turtleneck sweater fresh and bright with more flavor, choose pants a black pants, fashion range is still properly properly.

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