Best fabric for thin down jacket

Recent nylon products on the market take the volume of more substantial, in which the production of ultra-thin down jacket fabrics of Taffeta Fabric favored. It is understood that such fabrics mainly for its warm, cold, wind and other characteristics highly sought after consumers.

Wujiang City, Hong Cheng Textile Co., Ltd., there is a double charge nylon velvet fabric, the fabric with nylon 20D * 20D extinction fiber as raw materials, use plain weave, water jet loom weaving, dyeing after the dyeing factory, through multi-channel after finishing processes to achieve the desired effect of waterproof cloth looking good fastness, not fade.

Made after the fabrics feel smooth, soft, suitable for all kinds of down jackets, cotton, windbreaker, winter clothes and other casual wear for men and women. Oil reached feel soft, beautiful appearance and other characteristics. Since the fabric material used is environmentally friendly raw materials and coatings, and therefore suitable for the current environmental requirements to become a green fashion fabric.

Color, light jacket fabric is currently listed on the main pure color-based, listed dozens of colors, can be used for different users to buy. Businesses, due to the fabric with a warm and strong, good ventilation, feel dry, delicate fabric, comfortable, lightweight and stylish at the same time, so the outlook is expected to take the goods rise further.

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