Domestic brand quilt down jacket

That winter, a group of alternative Faye wearing a down jacket photos online crazy pass, more like a fashion columnist quipped wrapped blankets. In fact, whether it is fashion week walking the red carpet, or airport Street beat, every actress who appeared in public dressed carefully with a magnifying glass will be friends, “read the article.” Recently, careful users pointed out that this quilt is not foreign brands, but a technology company domestic product: Wearable wind measurements is also known as sleep-measurements. The careful users said the main details of clothing is amazing consistency, will dwell on their own judgment through its micro-Bo.

On that day alone, low-key appearance Faye Wong Beijing Capital International Airport. She was wearing a white jacket alternative mast appeared in photos online crazy pass immediately, but was called fashion columnist quipped “knowledgeable people know days it is nowadays to wear the hottest single product, innocent people may have thought she was crazy cold wrapped in blankets to fly it. “photo immediately sparked controversy on the Internet, many users have expressed their” read “,” ugly “,” is not quilt it?. ” There are friends that this quilt is not a foreign brand, but a mature domestic product named Hebei Hebei hi big technology companies: Wearable wind measurements is also known as sleep-measurements.

Contact this long fashion urban network of the technology companies, and understand the sales of its products, the company responsible person, their product has been five years, stores have ordered several domestic high because of the use of high-end goose down, higher price, when the price is 4999 yuan. This also confirms the users say.

On the plane can not get online, a long time boring, easily tired, and occasionally lying down, sometimes sideways, sometimes curled up, this time, if there is a quilt can be draped over the body, it is very pleasant. From this perspective, Faye Wong on the plane this is the need of clothes. After the plane, this quilt can also be draped over his body warm, quilt, it is a down jacket, from this perspective, is the need to Faye Wong this quilt. Fans also lamented, Faye Wong’s so lightweight luggage.

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